MIM Construction AB is an ISO: 9001: 2015 certified company that also works to strict standards used in the automotive industry such as VDA 6.3.
With continuous quality audits both internally and externally, we create a dynamic company that is constantly improving.


An important step in our improvement work is the MIM-TEAM patch, where all faults or deficiencies detected within the company are recorded and treated so that the errors are corrected and prevented from being repeated. It is therefore the responsibility of every employee to help with the improvement work and thus improve the quality of our products, services and deliveries.


The management evaluates continuously the quality system, its efficiency and compliance and, if appropriate, its scope. It is the management that decides on preventative measures, needs for extra resources in product development and how measures should be implemented in the best possible way.


All customer complaints are documented, and form the basis for improvement work.
With continuous customer surveys, we get an answer to how well the company meets customers' expectations and experiences.