MIMsafe invests in a new factory

MIM Construction is moving! MIM Construction, manufacturers of the leading MIMsafe brand of crash-proof dog cages, is to move its two production plants under one roof at the turn of the year.

Tests in progress!

Tough tests are currently in progress of our soon to be launched roof boxes, with nothing being left to chance.


What do I need to think about if I want to buy a VarioGate?

In these animation movies, both in Swedish and English, we try to help you on your way to make the right choice.


“Consumers right to know the truth”

The market is presented a number of Crash Tested crates for Dogs in Cars. But have the tests really been representative to the reality crates are facing in the hands of the consumers? This report is analyzing different test methods that have been used on the market to present dog crates as “Crash Tested” and the negative effects following.


Full speed ahead in Frändefors

Read about our factory that manufactures cargo- and safety nets for the international car industry.


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Linda & Daniel Married couple join up as MIMsafe ambassadors

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We are a leaders in crash-proof animal transport



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More than 30 years of innovation and development


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for your specific needs

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When a safe journey

means everything

For us, the most important thing is that everyone in the car travels safely. Even the one who has his place in the back of the car.