The world's safest dog cage

MIMsafe's VarioCage model is crash-tested in all directions and can withstand collisions from all sides – from the front, the rear, the sides and even in roll-overs. VarioCage is the only cage on the market that is adjustable in depth and features a deformation zone, which means that even passengers in the rear seat are protected from neck and back injuries inflicted by cage parts in the event of a crash.


The VarioGate dog gate is a real lifesaver

When dog cages aren't enough, VarioGate is a great addition for your dog. Together with our VarioBarrier luggage barriers, you can create an enclosed space for your dog, which also makes travel safer for passengers.


VarioBarrier luggage barriers just blend in

Our VarioBarrier luggage barriers are available in two different designs. One model with support struts and one you attach to the headrest bars.


Small animal cage with the smart solution

Care2 is used for the smallest dogs, cats or other small animals for safe transportation. You place the cage on one of the car seats and fasten it with the seat belt.


The safest roof box on the market

The Carrier roof box is equipped with MIMsafe's unique and patented TEAS system, The Energy Absorbing System. The Carrier can handle forces up to 26g, which means that the roof box stays on the roof even even at higher crash speeds.


We know you care too


Design shaped by knowledge


Safe by choice


Secured load


Closed luggage compartment


Crash-proof roof boxes

We work with crash safety. This is why with us you’ll find the market’s safest products, both for transporting baggage and other belongings as well as dogs.

MIMsafe is available worldwide


Smart solutions,
for your specific needs

When a safe journey means everything

For us, the most important thing is that everyone in the car travels safely. Even the one who has his place in the back of the car.
Think for a moment. We believe you think the same as we do.


We are not afraid to go new ways or think outside the box. Therefore, our products are characterized by innovative and smart solutions without compromising safety. We believe that everything can be improved and always looking ahead, which is why we are constantly developing our products, and we do it for your safety.



For us, safety always goes first. We have extensive knowledge of vehicles and crash protection. Therefore, we know that our products work in a predetermined way if, after all, the accident should occur.



Choosing MIMsafe is a safe choice. We have already thought of everyone who travels in the car, driver, passenger and those who means the most to you. We have figured out every possible scenario and the result is safe products for you and your family.


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