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It would be safe to say that everyone in the agility world in Sweden knows who Lajo Roxenwell is. The man who, among other things is behind the massively popular Hula Hopp event in the far southerly province of Skåne with 14,000 participants, is now also ambassador for MIMsafe.


“Consumers right to know the truth”

The market is presented a number of Crash Tested crates for Dogs in Cars. But have the tests really been representative to the reality crates are facing in the hands of the consumers? This report is analyzing different test methods that have been used on the market to present dog crates as “Crash Tested” and the negative effects following.


We know you care too

It's all about providing a safe place for those who are really close to you. Care2 is designed, developed and tested in Sweden. Created with care to make your trip safe and secure.


Design shaped by knowledge

MultiCage is functional and user friendly. Smart features, plenty of space and high security - what makes every trip worth looking forward to.

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We know you care too


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MIMsafe's products are created with love and care for the animals. For us, the most important thing is that everyone in the car travels safely. Even the one who has his place in the back of the car.