Our Story

For more than 30 years, MIM Construction AB has worked with functional design and manufacture of safety products for the modern automotive industry. With documentation from hundreds of crash tests and in close collaboration with the major car manufacturers, safe products have been developed and turned into knowledge. With the MIMsafe brand, we are today the leading manufacturer of crash-tested dog cages worldwide.

Since 1986

Safety first and foremost

For us, safety always goes first, both for people and pets. Therefore, our products are crash tested and user friendly.


We will be the leader in safe and crash-tested solutions when transporting cargo and pets in cars.


We are not afraid to go new ways or think outside the box. Therefore, our products are characterized by innovative and smart solutions without compromising safety. We believe that everything can be improved and always looking ahead, which is why we are constantly developing our products, and we do it for your safety.


For us, safety always goes first. We have extensive knowledge of vehicles and crash protection. Therefore, we know that our products work in a predetermined way if, after all, the accident should occur.


Choosing MIMsafe is a safe choice. We have already thought of everyone who travels in the car, driver, passenger and those who means the most to you. We have figured out every possible scenario and the result is safe products for you and your family.