Total freedom. MultiCage is the wise solution for those who live an active life. When the trip to nature should work as smoothly as a transport inside town. There is plenty of room for one or more four-legged friends.

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Design shaped by knowledge

MultiCage is functional and user friendly. Smart features, plenty of space and high security - what makes every trip worth looking forward to.

MIMsafe Multicage transportbur har inbyggda lyfthandtag
Retractable lifting handles
Stackable in width and height
One-handed grip for opening door equipped with gas spring and two-stage lock
Lock ready.
Built in lock system
Build as needed

With MultiCage's "on top" and "side by side" anchoring tools, you can assemble several cages depending on the size of your vehicle.

Easy in, easy out!

With MultiCage's carry handle you can easily move the cage in and out of the vehicle

Safe storage

When your dog needs air, safety is guaranteed thanks to the locking system

Not safe enough?

MultiCage is prepared for padlocks for extra security

Damped opening

The doors are equipped with a gas spring that keeps the door open when needed.

Two-step lock

The door is closed in two steps to ensure that the cage remains closed in the event of a collision. Just like normal car door.



For larger dogs and larger vehicles.




For larger dog families and larger vehicles.



Side by side

Anchoring tool for MultiCage.



On top

Anchoring tool for MultiCage.




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Maximum safety 360°

A valuable cargo should be surrounded by safe materials. Like all our transport cages, MultiCage has therefore undergone rigorous crash tests at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The tests for MultiCage have been adapted to the cage size and load without sacrificing its energy-absorbing characteristics if the accident were to occur. Thanks to its robust construction, it can withstand massive impact from all directions - 360°.