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VarioCage - in terms of post-collision

When a VarioCage dog cage / transport cage has been involved in a collision, it should be taken out of use and no longer used.

The reason for this is that the dog cage, VarioCage, after such an event can no longer be assumed to correspond to that described in the above text. The cage is constructed with zones of energy absorbing material and should be destroyed just like cars when they have used their energy absorbing impact zones.

Why is the door on the Variocage single cage left hanging?

This is because if you stop at a parking pocket to rest your dog, the cage door should always go towards the road so the dog chooses to jump out to the road edge instead of out of the way.

What is the difference in safety between a cage and a harness?

The dog is more secure in a cage as it has a limited protected space. In a strap, the dog is thrown around in the back seat and can hit the interior. In a frontal crash, it can reach the back of the front seats. In the event of a tipping, the dog can hit the roof and headrest, and if it is large can even be partially thrown out of the car with the rear body. It can also damage other passengers. The length of the leash also gives the dog a difference in speed relative to the car before it is fully stretched and it stops. That distance becomes shorter in a cage and the speed difference decreases, which in turn reduces the risk of injury to the dog. The cage, which is made of relatively thin material, also has the ability to absorb some of the energy in the collision by deforming it during the collision.

Vilken VarioCage är bäst för min hund för att den skall klara en eventuell krock så bra som möjligt?

If a car stands still and gets hit, the car is pushed away in one direction or another. The dog that is in the cage does not change movement until one of the cage's walls reaches the dog. The longer the distance between the dog and the cage wall (s), the greater the difference in speed and force between dog and cage in a crash. It can be compared to a seat belt that most people know should sit as tight as possible to reduce power. That is, the larger the cage, the greater the distance for the dog. Therefore, it may be unnecessary to have an oversized cage for your dog.

What is the difference between a VarioCage and other dog cages in the market?

Our cage is constructed with telescopic tubes, two parts of the roof and floor, which allows the depth of the cage to be adjusted. In this "adjustability function" is also the collision safety. In a collision from behind, floors, ceilings and telescopic tubes are brought together and reduce the risk of those in the back seat receiving cage material in the back. It also reduces the risk of the dog getting stabs and cuts of the material in the cage.

Which VarioCage should my dog breed have?

We often get asked what cage a certain breed of dog needs. Find one here guide which explains what height of VarioCage is needed for your dog's size. NOTE! Size differences within the breed occur - therefore this list is written with reservation and only as a suggestion. Size of dog also depends on what depth you can have the cage extended to. All cages are adjustable in depth.

Use our model selector to see which VarioCage will fit in your car.

Examples of VarioCage and dog breed

  • Single L: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Collare), Lagotto romagnolo
  • Single XL: Dalmatians, Labrador
  • Double S: Shetland sheepdog
  • Double M: Cocker Spaniel, Border Terrier
  • Double L: Kelpie
  • Double XL: Collie, Golden Retriever
  • Double XXL: Shepherd

Will VarioCage fit in my car?

Use our model selector to check which products fit your car model. If you can't find your car in the product configurator, you can see Dimensions chart.

Measuring instructions:

  • First, check if you have any threshold at the back of the tailgate. If the threshold is higher than about 7 centimeters, you may need to put something under the cage for the doors to open.
  • The floor should be flat for the cage to look good.
  • Measure the maximum width possible on the floor. The door or between the wheels is usually the narrowest place.
  • Then measure the length of the trunk floor. Keep in mind that the tailgate may be slightly rounded. If so, measure in the shortest place, ie not in the middle of the car.
  • The slope on the front and back of the cage is approximately equal to the slope on the back seat of the back seat. The roof of the cage is about 15 centimeters narrower than the floor.
  • Maximum height is measured from the floor up to the lowest point in the tailgate opening.

Hope these instructions help you find the right cage for your car. Otherwise, contact any of our retailers they will help you find the right model.

Where can I buy a VarioCage dog cage?

You can buy variocage from one of our dealers. You can find a dealer near you in our retailer search system. Search near you or at a specific location. The list is sorted based on distance to the store. First of all.

When fitting a VarioCage into the car, what should I think about?

Remove the warning triangle & puncture spray before you put the luggage in. If you are planning to use a bumper cover, place it on the floor first. If you are loading a double VarioCage, we recommend you get someone to help you with the job.

Finally, shut the car boot lid carefully, making sure there aren’t any protruding parts that might prevent it from locking fully.

The floor is slippery, what to do?

Put the silicone mat under your dogs sleeping pad. That should solve this issue. Otherwise use something with a non-slip underside.

VarioCage double, does the inner partition always have to be fitted to the cage?

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with crash safety. Used it if you need two separate compartments.

Several dogs inside one cage?

Yes, but in such a case, it’s even more important that the dogs do not have a leash or collar on to avoid them getting entangled. Also, the cage should not be too big. There should be enough space for the dogs to lie down comfortably.

My dog is 65 cm tall, which cage should I choose?

The exterior measurement of Large + (art. No. 00379) is 69 cm and the interior is 66.5 cm. So it might be a bit cramped, but should work.
The XL’s exterior measures 71.5 cm and 69 cm interior. If your car can accommodate the XL, opt for this alternative.

Are cages a suitable means of transport for all dogs?

Not always. If your dog is really scared and is desperate to get out of the cage or becomes otherwise agitated, you’d best not use a cage.
Never keep or leave an obviously nervous or scared dog in the cage when you or your fellow travellers are getting in or out of the car. In such situations, make sure the dog isn’t in the cage a minute longer than it needs to be. The same applies if there is a bitch in heat nearby. Dogs risk injuring themselves if they bite on steel.

Can I get a door that opens to the right?

Unfortunately not. They all open to the left for better safety when stopping.

Use a VarioGate instead of a cage?

No, if your vehicle can accommodate a cage, use one. It protects the occupant no matter the direction of the impact. If your dog isn’t in a cage and a window shatters, it could jump out of the car and run off or get run over.

Can I build a frame around the cage?

No, this isn’t advisable, since it would negatively impact the deformation zone and, consequently, collision safety.

Is it okay to have a VarioCage on the backseat?

No, only in the luggage compartment.

How come the cage’s bars are positioned so far apart?

For air circulation, to adhere to animal welfare regulations and, of course to avoid the risk of the dog getting stuck between the bars.

The cage has started making noises, what should I do?

Take everything out! Make sure that it’s standing on a flat surface. Check that the dog has not been ”tasting" the rubber parts on the side bars, that the cage isn’t under some kind of pressure, that its roof doesn’t extend beyond the floor. Ask someone to sit in the back seat and film when you hear any sounds. Manipulate different parts of the cage to try and establish where the noise occurs. Send the film to [email protected]

The gas damper is broken, what to do?

You should be able to buy a new one at your nearest dealer.

The dog has munched away the rubber parts.

Replacement parts should be available at your nearest dealer.

What can I put under the cage?

You can use any soft material, styrofoam, foam, foam rubber, a camping mattress.
Do not use wood or metal, as it will negatively impact crash safety. Such objects could penetrate the back of the rear seat in the event of a rear-end collision and seriously injure passengers sitting there.

We have lost our keys, what to do?

You will have to replace the lock because we do not have keys as spareparts.

How do I know what size to buy?

Choose a cage that they can lie down comfortably in.
Make sure they can enter the cage, lie down, get up, turn around and lie down again.
Teach your dog to lie down while you are on the road. A relaxed dog makes for a safe journey.

How do I find the right size for my car.

Use our model selector. Enter the car make, the model, manufacturer and year. It will then point you to the cage or cages that’s right for your car.
If you fail to get a result, try looking at double medium for example, which is quite suitable for use as a single cage in cars with shallow luggage compartments. Attention: All our double cages can be used as single cages as well if needed.


Is there any difference, in terms of safety, between the original and the headrest versions?


The headrest version is the comfort alternative, that doesn't require “support legs” on the floor.

How do I determine the headrest size?

Measure the distance above the back seat to the roof.

Can I install the VarioBarrier headrest on the front seats, with the back seats folded?

No! The front seats are not designed to handle the forces involved. Everything behind the front seats must be belted or strapped in.

Can the VarioBarrier headrest be used in combination with the VarioCage?

Yes, the VarioBarrier headrest is the perfect complement if you need to free up space next to the cage.


A water bowl in the cage?

Absolutely, but only put it there when the car is stationary.
Make sure there aren’t any hard objects in the cage when you are on the road. No hard chewing bones, water bowls, etc.


How do you secure it in the cab?

Use the tensioning straps to anchor the VarioGate to the car's load loops. The process won’t damage or otherwise impact your car.
Everything you need for assembly is included in the packaging.

I have a threshold in my car. Can I fit a VarioGate?

Yes, if the threshold is not more than 70 mm/2.75 inches.

VarioGate for several small dogs?

No! Not a good solution. The wider spacing between the pipes means there could be a risk of them squeezing out.
VarioGate is recommended for large dogs from 20 kg and above.

Is VarioGate as secure as VarioCage?

No, it does not offer the same impact protection from all directions as a VarioCage. If a side window gets smashed, the dog could jump out of the car, injure itself and even cause a traffic incident.
VarioGate should only be used as a precaution when loading and unloading, with the door open.


How do you secure it in the cab?

You can mount it without impacting your car. Everything you need for the job is included in the packaging.


Is it crash tested?

Yes, in both directions. Both with the cage doors turned to the sides and with a door to the seat and one to the front. It can withstand a collision at 50 kmh, with a load of 9 kilos.

How do I know if I can transport my dog in a Care2?

You will need to measure your dog's height from the ground to its withers. It must not exceed 31 cm and its also advisable to measure your dog when it is lying down. It should be able to go into the cage, lie down, get up, turn around and lie down again.

Do I need to deactivate the airbag in the passenger seat?

No that’s not necessary as Care2 is roughly equivalent in size to a regular passenger.

Can I place Care2 in my luggage compartment?

Yes, in a station wagon as long as the cage is secured.

Can I have two dogs in Care2?

Yes, both should be able to lie down. They mustn’t be on a leash or have a collar on, to avoid them getting entangled.

Why is the door so small?

Because crash safety requires it.

Can I take my Care2 on the flight?

Care2 is not IATA approved. However, some airlines allow it in the passenger cabin if you book seating for your dog. Remember to check before travelling.

Is Care2 environmentally friendly despite the plastic?

We obviously also care about the environment, which is why Care2 is made of nylon plastic and thus recyclable.
And so that it will also be safe to have your child sitting next to the cage?

Why can’t we use just the seat belt?

Care2 large fits in both directions in most front seats. But in the back seat usually only with the cage door forward and one rear.