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Appreciated event in the new factory

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MIMsafe in collaboration with Hunden i Centrum

We want to increase knowledge about the dog's safety

Want to make others think about the dog's safety

A perfect match!

Must have clear crash test rules

Anders Bagge and his spouse Johanna Lind Bagge were the main attraction on 21 November when MIMsafe announced it was teaming up with the Hunden in Centrum (Dogs in Focus) company run by the well-known couple.
MIMsafe's brand new product - the crash-proof luggage box - also attracted a great deal of attention.

Everything took place on a stage in the middle of MIMsafe's new factory, set to start operations as the company’s manufacturing base early 2022, with all the company’s production assembled under one roof. The occasion saw customers, business partners, suppliers, politicians and employees all gather at the 14,000 sqm site to find out what prompted MIMsafe and Hunden i Centrum to team up.

“It’s a perfect match. We both work to make Sweden a better place for dogs, with dog safety being one of the main component parts.” says Anders Bagge.

Among the guests was Conservative MP Ann-Sofie Alm, who was wholeheartedly behind Johanna Lind Bagge’s call for norms to be established regarding the crash testing of pet cages.

“You shouldn’t be able to get away with just writing "crash tested" in an ad without telling how the test was conducted. Otherwise you are misleading dog owners.” Johanna emphasized.

That is why Ann-Sofie Alm has presented a proposal to the Riksdag on this issue,

“Something must be done. All cages must be tested in the same way otherwise it is difficult for the customer to decide what is what. I also want to hold ministers accountable for why the lack of rules for dog cage crash tests.”

According to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, there are over one million dogs and 754,000 dog owners in Sweden. MIMsafe's founder, Mats Björnetun and CEO Gert Olofsson, say that the joint initiative with Hunden i Centrum is all about spreading knowledge about dog ownership.

“We see our collaboration with Hunden i Centrum as an opportunity to help dog owners gain a better understanding of safety, both for the dogs and their owners.”

Feel free to view the films from our event. You’ll find movies of the entire programme on the stage, as well as four short interviews.

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