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Radio profile joins MIMsafe

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Lars Sergård who’s a well known local radio voice for the last five years now joins the team at MIMsafe as Head of Marketing and Communication

- A fantastic opportunity in an fantastic company to say the least. I accept the challenge with great humility says Lars during a tour of the production line at Sågaregatan 10 in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Lars Sergård is a journalist that spent most of his professional life working with business communication.

- I've mostly produced corporate films for both local and global companies. Enjoyed the world as a workplace, a useful experience I bring with me to MIMsafe.

MIMsafe's founder Mats Björnetun and the company's CEO Gert Olofsson believe that Lars is an important puzzle piece for MIMsafe's operations.

- We now have the combined competence in the company to progress to the next level. Lars experience in both media and corporate communications at international level is valuable to us.

Lars was born in the very south part of Sweden but has moved around a lot during his 58 years in life. The last year he and his wife Ellen decided to move to the small village of Ljungskile on the Swedish west coast.

- Yes, and this really feels like coming home. A perfect commuting distance to MIMsafe in Trollhättan as well.

Five short questions:

Favorite country?
- The Philippines with its generous people and amazing scenery.

Favorite hobby?
- Split and chop firewood and gardening.

Heard you like cars?
- Yes, driving them, not to fix and build cars like Gert and Mats likes to do. I was a dedicated Alfa Romeo enthusiast for many years but have a Land Rover today. I need a SUV on the countryside roads

Favorite food?
- Grandma's meatballs! In fact, they became known to the entire Swedish people when she made them on TV in the 70s.

What are you looking forward to right now?
- Getting to know the people at Mimsafe and to help and speed up the business together with all the expertise that exists in the company.

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