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MIMsafe's customers show the way

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Shuyuan Xiao och Kristina Johansson

participate in our survey here, thanks!

We at MIMsafe want to be even better to meet our customers needs and make it easier to find and to know where to buy our world famous and crash tested dog cages.

MIMsafe has a survey on the Web where the customers, very generously, has been responding about their relationship with MIMsafe. Telling us about how and where they have found our dog cages, among many other things. So far, we have around 60 people who answered our survey, but we want more, many more to participate. Because we want to be the best to serve our customers.

- The competition on the market is tough, but with our crash tested dog cages, we still want to be the number 1 in our business. As soon we see things we can improved, we’ll do it. We want our customers to know that they bought, as we see it, the safest dog cage on the world, says the Managing Director of MIMsafe, Gert Olofsson.

MIMsafes salesmen, Kristina Johansson, responsible for the Nordic market and Shuyuan Xiao, who’s responsible for the Global market, emphasizes:

- It’s crucial that we make the dog owners aware that we are working with - and have focus on safety solutions. That’s what the MIMsafe brand stands for. A safe cage for both the dog and the passengers in the car.

Our cages have been crash-tested by world-leading experts in the field.

Some facts from our survey.
* Almost 70 percent of the buyers of a MIMsafe cage are women.
* 40 percent are owners of one dog. Same percentage for people that have two dogs.
* Over 70 percent by those who buy a cage from MIMsafe, do so in a pet store.
* Over 60 percent finds the cages from MIMsafe online.
* Most people get tips about MIMsafe through friends.

The big winner in MIMsafe’s range of dog cagess the VarioCage, which was purchased by almost 90 percent of those, who have so far, answered the survey.

A conclusion we can draw from the survey so far, is how important it is for our customers to have a look at our cages out in the pet stores – and to have the possibility to talk to a knowledgeable seller in the pet stores or at the car dealerships.

So again, we would appreciate if you too can participate in our survey. Because we love to listen to our customers. It’s you who makes us better!

Lars Sergård
Head of Marketing & Communication
[email protected]
+46 (0) 708-64 14 76

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