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MIMsafe invests in a new factory

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MIMsafe's new factory

MIM Construction is moving!

MIM Construction, manufacturers of the leading MIMsafe brand of crash-proof dog cages, is to move its two production plants under one roof at the turn of the year.

”We quite simply had to increase our production capacity to meet a massive growth in demand,” says the company's CEO Gert Olofsson.

The Covid pandemic has among other things led to an enormous interest in dogs in many parts of the world, further boosting the popularity of MIMsafe's cages, gates and cargo nets. However, the main reason behind building a joint facility stems from the company's financial goals.

“In 2020 we set a sales growth target of half a billion kronor (ca 50 million euro) over a five year period. Two years later, we can see that we are well on the way to achieving that target with flying colours,” states Gert Olofsson.

Moreover, MIMsafe is due to release its first two roof box models in the autumn, which the company has high hopes for.

MIMclip is another of its safety products that has been attracting increased attention. This was used in half of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics equestrian events.

”We have more products in the works,” adds Gert Olofsson, all connected with our core operations, which are ultimately about saving lives by developing different types of crash-proof transport systems for the automotive industry.”

On the first of January, MIM Construction will be able to move into its new factory premises in Trollhättan, an hour’s drive north of Sweden’s main port city of Göteborg.

”We will have a factory with a total floor area of 14,000 square meters. Just right for us. Now it's a matter of rolling up our sleeves to design and plan a factory tailor made for our modern and efficient manufacturing process.” concludes Gert Olofsson as he looks out over the vast still empty factory floor.

MIM Construction's operations continue to gain media attention. On September 6, the important Swedish business newspaper, Dagens Industri will be publishing a major article about the company's success.

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