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The country boy who has made a name for himself around the world through his creation - MIMsafe

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Mats Björnetun (right) tests the mechanism behind the cross country horse fence "Table kit"

The mid 80s marked the start of his career and saw him welding and bending vehicle front bars, at the same place he was brought up* in the Swedish countryside.

Today, Mats Björnetun is an internationally respected name for his work developing in-car safety solutions both for people and pets, especially dogs. The MIMsafe cages have become leaders in the field of crash safety. Another highly appreciated product is the scientifically tested “MIMsafe New Era” frangible safety device. for use in Eventing Cross County fences. Mats is convinced that someday regulations will be introduced, especially in Sweden, regulating standards for pet cages to help buyers identify the safest choice for their pets.

“But for now, it is irritating to see the lack of any clear picture of what makes a cage safe or not for their dog. It seems the authorities and our politicians don’t really care about this issue. It’s sad.” But Mats is thinking positively anyway. “It took ten years of hard work, to get MIMsafe's “New Era” approved. Things like this take time. But as a leading company in the field we must also take the lead in order to drive change for the better,” Mats Björnetun states.

You might be wondering what “MIM” stands for. It´s an abbreviation for “Mats I Myra” – with Myra, being where the farm Mats was brought up in is located. He still lives there today and it’s also where one of MiMsafe’s two production sites are located. The company currently has more than 40 employees and MIMsafe’s other site is located in the nearby city of Trollhättan.

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