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Meet our new MIMsafe-ambassador

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Jenna Romlin stolt MIMsafe ambassadör

Jenna Romlin

Jenna Romlin from Laholm talks about herself and why she wants to be an ambassador for MIMsafe.

- I actually believe we're equally proud. We at MIMsafe have found a very committed person who knows a lot about dogs and their safety, says Lars Sergård, Head of Marketing & Communication at MIMsafe.

Jenna agrees.

- This is definitive not my first cages and other products from MIMsafe I've had during the years. And you can't compare MIMsafe's products when it comes to safety, the competitors don't have a chance. No other manufacturer has crash tested their cages as MIMsafe does. It's world class products, period, Jenna points out.

So, don't be surprised if you one day will meet Jenna at fairs, competitions and dog shows around south Sweden one day.

If you meet Jenna, don't hesitate to ask her about MIMsafe's cages.

We wish Jenna Romlin good luck as a MIMsafe's ambassador!

If you want to hear more about Jenna, go in and listen to our pod:
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