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Linda & Daniel - Ambassadors eager for the task

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Linda & Daniel Brodin

Linda Brodin is a search and rescue dog handler as is her husband Daniel, who also works as a search and rescue team leader.

The couple, from Källby, located on the coast of Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern, can now finally announce their ambassadorship for MIMsafe after a difficult period with the search organization FIKK. It was a period not only marked by weeks of intensive and emotionally sapping searches for a young murder victim in western Sweden, but also by suspected financial irregularities that attracted the attention of both the radio and press media. It was Daniel, who blew the whistle after finally tiring of all the fiddling.

You can hear their story and the goals they have set for themselves as Mimsafe ambassadors on the MIMsafe podcast. (in swedish)

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