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Expert tips from Kristina

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Kristina Johansson

Kristina Johansson is a salesperson at MIMsafe covering the Nordic countries. What she doesn't know about MIMsafe's cages isn’t worth knowing.

Those who take the time to call MIMsafe in Trollhättan with questions about the company's various cages can be sure they’ll be getting clear answers. Because it is most likely Kristina they will get to talk to.

Yes, I suppose I do keep track of most things," reflects Kristina, without for that matter, sounding cocky.

The questions she gets can vary and can be quite far-ranging.

But if we go into all the different questions I get, you’ll have to write quite a long article. I think it is better to listen to the pod.” says Kristina.

In the pod, Kristina talks about how she loves taking care of her customers. She describes the satisfaction she feels after a phone call with a happy and contented customer. She also tells about how she spares no effort in getting over to customers the message of MIMsafe's supremely safe dog cages.

Yes, because we see ourselves as world leader in this area.

So just click on the latest episode of our pod and hear Kristina as she shares her knowledge and tips on how to use the cages and how to make sure that it fits your particular car model. (Only in swedish)

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